Your Triggers are the Gateway to Magic

When triggered by your partner or someone close to you, there is tremendous magic that can happen when you reveal your authentic truth and deep vulnerability.

It can be incredibly scary to reveal these parts of yourself to others. Especially, if you have been shamed, blamed or have been made wrong for doing so in the past. I totally get this.

I have found in my own experience, the more inner-work I do, the more I am able to share the most vulnerable parts of myself.

I can only do this because I myself have learned to be with my feelings and embrace them. This is how it becomes much easier to share when you notice a trigger. As you begin to accept yourself, people will mirror that back to you. We are all mirrors for each other.

🌟As you share what is in your heart, you literally open a doorway for another to step up and meet you🌟

When I am faced with a trigger with someone close to me, I tune into the energies below to create a space for me to be met by the person I am sharing my truth with 👇

▪️I truly connect with what I am feeling in my body.

▪️I take full responsibility for those feelings before sharing. No blaming.

▪️I completely connect to what is in my heart when communicating.

▪️I tune into what I need to feel supported.

If the invitation is there, I ask for what I need without expectation but still open to being met.

If this person can't meet you, be totally ok with that. You have you, regardless. Take the leap anyway. You may be surprised.

Everything your heart desires is right inside you. It all begins and ends with what you are believing, embodying and emanated from within.

Your relationship to yourself is the answer.

⚡️If you would like to dive deeper and transform your relationships, send me an email to set up a free 15 consultation call 💌

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