Your Partner as a reflection of You

Does your partner often upset you? Does he/she do things you don’t want them to do or dot not do things you wish they did?  In other words, you feel as they do not fulfill your “needs?” Before you decide to find someone who will “give you what you want or need” consider deeply that may be none of it has to do with them, but what triggers you comes from within you.  A partner who challenges you is someone who can bring you directly to the highest aspect of yourself. They will directly show you where all of the hidden shadows and aspects of yourself you are running away from so that they can be liberated from the illusions and false beliefs that lie dormant inside of you. This kind of partner can be your portal to the divine, if you allow it. If you are willing to buckle up your seat belt tightly when the ride gets bumpy, then there is a tremendous amount of freedom and liberation on the other side. The issues that may come up in your relationship are not about your partner, but about a piece of you that is trying to be seen. The things you are not getting from your partner are not about them fulfilling these needs. No one will ever be able to fulfill your needs but you. Nor will anything outside of yourself will ever fulfill you or make you happy.

If you come across difficulties in your relationship that are about your partner needing to change for you, these are actually opportunities to see how you can fulfill those needs within yourself. Once you do this, it will open the door to your partner reflecting these needs back to you. What is within you will be reflected back. Or it won’t even matter to you any longer because that void or lack of will be filled from within.

We tend to project our issues onto the ones we love. In fact, it’s never about the story that is happening, but what the feelings are underneath the story. When this can be understood, you will see that it wasn’t really about them, it frees you from the emotional charge you were experiencing. You can therefore comprehend that this was a hidden pain that was within you waiting to be expressed. This is true union with the divine. The divine within yourself, with your partner simply being a reflection of it.

This type of union isn’t just for your evolution but for your partner as well. If you are feeling as though your partner may not be willing to be as objective or conscious, just apply it for your self and see what happens. Either, your frequency will help shift them, or you will attract someone else who will.

You are one blessed being if you are in such a relationship, as it will allow you to dive deeper into the depth of your being. Thank your partner DEEPLY for not giving you what you want so that it can bring you closer to the truth of who you really are! Thank the magic that has brought you two together!

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