Why are you still single and not attracting your person?

💓 Why are you still single and not attracting your person?

Here are some POSSIBLE reasons 👉

▪️You have a program/belief instilled in you that is rooted in what you were taught or conditioned to believe you want from society, parents, conditioning, media, etc. You have yet to connect with what you truly want on a HEART and SOUL level. If this feels like you, I would invite you to TRULY tune into what you want deep in your heart and soul. None of this EGO 💩 that creates the story of being accepted by society or family. WHAT DO YOU TRULY WANT DEEP IN YOUR HEART!?

▪️You do not believe you are worthy of what you truly desire. If this feels like you, I want to invite you to take a deep dive in and CLAIM this!!! You may need to do some subconscious reprogramming. I offer this kind of work if you would like to heal what is in the way so you can magnetize it to yourself.

▪️You have subconscious fears you may be like your parents. If this could be you, again getting into the subconscious mind healing and re-programing is needed.

▪️You fear abandonment and rejection. You are afraid of truly being yourself and showing up because you don’t want to feel that pain of them possibly leaving again. Or it not working out. I understand. I have been there. My entire adult life. Healing this IS POSSIBLE. With childhood regression therapy / emotional healing and reprogramming what you want into your consciousness, taking new action you can heal this.

▪️If you would like to begin working on these things, I have worked with countless people in healing the same issues. I am here if you are ready to commit and experience true change and transformation! I’m 100% committed to you. Send me an email so we can set up a free 15 call - info@monicaloren.com


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