Trusting Our Truth

Many of my clients come to me to learn how to tune into their truth, alignment and heart.

When my clients ask me direct questions about something they want an answer to, I always guide them deeply back to themselves. AND THEY ALWAYS hear the magic recipe! And it certainly isn’t from me. Which is why they experience real integrated shifts and transformation. This is because they are TRANSFORMING THEMSELVES.

Learning to trust your truth is an art form in itself. Especially, if we’ve had intense experiences where we were made wrong, shamed or abandoned for doing so in our early years. It can be related to a fear of losing love.

The key is learning to tune-in and really feel and listen deeply to our heart and body. The key is learning to trust our deepest truth while potentially needing to give ourselves what we didn’t get when we were younger.

There may be fears around losing people, being rejected, invalidated, shamed, blamed or abandoned. As we practice developing this muscle in our relationships and remembering - When I trust and follow my truth, the people who are meant to stay in my life (while may not understand or agree), will be supportive. And if they are not, it’s ok. I can trust if they are not meant to be in my life that it is ok. I will be ok.

And if they leave, what do I need to do for myself to stay in my worth, self-love and power?

What’s even more amazing is that as you begin to follow and trust your truth, you align with others on a similar frequency!

⚡️I am here if you are ready and completely committed to transforming your life and relationships.

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