Tips to realizing your Full Potential

1. You are already perfect: Realize you are already in your full potential. There is nothing to accomplish or become. The key is letting go of whatever is in the way of living in your true state. Focus on that. Give your fears and doubts and anything that isn’t serving you FULL permission to leave.

2. Be comfortable in your own skin: Do you fully own and love who you are exactly as you are? When you are comfortable with who you are, energy flows. You trust yourself and your decisions. When we trust ourselves and our choices, nothing can stop us from making our dreams reality. When we don’t feel comfortable with ourselves, we doubt and don’t follow our gut and intuition, thus cutting us off from living in the moment and the flow and we may miss opportunities. LOVE and accept yourself exactly as you are with all of your “weaknesses” and “strengths.”

3. Embrace your gifts: Do you know what your strengths and unique gifts are? Fully recognize and embrace your individuality and what flows through you easily and effortlessly. Fully own your gifts and strengths. Remember, this is not stuff that feeds your ego, this is the genuine authentic stuff that comes directly from your heart and soul. You know what these are.

4. Put yourself out there: Don’t be afraid to be seen in your gifts. Don’t be afraid to fully own them and share them. For this also Holds a space for others to for others to do the same.

5. Meditate: This will help you to clear your mind and get more in touch with who you really are. When are minds are clear, life flows more effortlessly.

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