Tips for dealing with family triggers

Think you’re enlightened? Spend a week with your family” – Ram Dass

With the holidays just around the corner here are some helpful tips to remember.

Self Care/Growth: If you get triggered give your self some space. Take a minute to reflect. Ask yourself, why am I triggered and what do I need? Ex. Support, validation, boundaries etc. Give yourself what you need. Don’t expect anyone else to do this for you. Take your power back. Your family may be showing you places about yourself that you need to work on. You don’t need to let triggers take over. Whatever you are holding onto will only keep you a prisoner to that negative energy. You can always choose to see the situation with a positive lens. No matter what. Moving into your heart can transform any situation.

Empathy: Remember people are doing the best they can with the tools they have. Nothing is ever personal. If someone is acting out, this is coming from a place of wounding. Hurt people hurt people. Bring compassion to why they may be acting the way to do. Practice seeing this situation through the eyes of love.

Gratitude: Be grateful for the learning opportunity. Be grateful to have the family you do.

Remember, these people could be gone tomorrow. Let’s cherish the moment we have now.

Disclaimer: These tips exclude any abuse of any kind.

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