There is a Gift in that obstacle

There is always a gem to receive in any hardship. Don’t deny or reject difficulty. Embrace it. Your obstacles are your fuel to transformation. You didn’t make that change in your life because you were comfortable. You made it because you were sick of how things were.

Every time you’re given something you don’t want, does it not propel you into a stronger, clearer definition of what you do want? When you become more clear with what you want, you then allow that to appear in your life. You must break through your own blocks to move forward and create change.

Another bonus – A deep appreciation that comes with obstacles when you get to the other side of them. Appreciation will always bring you more blessings.

So obstacles are your friends. Next time one comes up, ask questions instead of making judgements and assessments – How can I shift my perception? How can I make this work? What can I learn from this? How can I grow? Where can I find more gratitude? What else is possible?

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