Speak Your Truth

So many of us are afraid to say what we really feel. We are afraid we will be rejected, abandoned, not liked or loved for doing so. But when we don’t honor ourselves, we don’t honor other people.

When you speak your truth, from your inner most  being and in your heart, if this person cannot support you, that is not your person. Yes, they may leave. It may hurt. Remember this, if they vibrate right our of your life, it is a blessing. The people who are meant to be in your life, will support your inner most truth even if they don’t understand.

As you step into fearlessly speaking your truth, owing it and honoring it, you will begin to attract others who will support you. The wrong people will leave and the right ones will stay or show up.

YOU MATTER. Your truth matters. Your needs matter. Be open to be fully supported in what is true for you.

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