Ladies, do you attract feminine guys and want to change that?

If you seem to attract feminine guys who don't really lead and take initiate and want them to do so you may be too far into your masculine energy.

We tend to be this way when we are a little too independent. Independence is GOOD. It’s amazing and important. But if we don’t take the time to also be in our feminine, RECEIVE and let people (men) help us, we cannot attract a masculine man who shows up and leads. 

We need to learn to balance our estrogen to do so. When we are constantly in a state of leading, taking initiative, directing etc, this increases our testosterone. When we do this too much can actually cause a lot of stress in the body. How do we balance our estrogen levels and learn to receive so the masculine can show up more?

Stop leading.

Let him lead.

Trust him.

Allow people to help you.

Share your feelings.

Get vulnerable.

Soften your body and energy.


Be in our hearts.

Connect with your girlfriends.

Have girls nights.

Do things that bring you pleasure.

Treat yourself to something you find delicious like chocolate.


Allow yourself to flow and not be so rigid and directive.

Let go.

Breathe in to your lower body centers.

Take magnesium.

Take an epsom salt bath.

Do things that make you feel delicious, yummy and feel blissful. 

If you are like me, you want your man to penetrate you, not the other way around. So we must stop penetrating the world with our energy and let the world penetrate us. It’s the best metaphor for this. 

Let go, flow, trust, surrender, express, allow. 

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