How to ask Men to meet your needs from a Feminine place.

Keep it light - 

Start with - I just want to tell you how I feel. It’s not a big deal.

Then use Appreciation - 

Always give love and appreciation! 

Say things like - 

I know you didn’t mean to do this.

I love you. I accept you.

It feels so good when I hear from you.

I don’t want to put pressure on you.

Then ask - 

I know you are doing your best… However________(use the "Great Ask" Template below)

A "Great Ask" Template:

  • Stick with I statements! I feel____________ (no blame whatsoever).

  • I need____________________ (simple statement.)

  • It looks like ________________ (What when how, often and by when).

  • It would provide_____________(Create results).

  • What do you need to give me what I am asking for? Or what do you think? Let him lead. Let him show up for you. We need to give him the space to do this.

Things to embody inside yourself - Do you have an agenda? Ask this to yourself - What am I hoping will happen? Stay in a place of total curiosity. Be OK with however he responds. 

It’s important to not have a strong agenda. The intention is soft, open and receptive. In the heart. If you are doing it from a place of making him do what you want he will resist. We want to let go of DEMANDS and JUDGEMENTS. A place of not trying to change him. He will feel that and it will repel him or create resistance. Your open and loving energy will invoke his.

Remember he just wants to succeed. So we need to help him. 

What men want - 

He needs to feel accepted for the way he is.

Appreciate and focus on what he does do for you.

And trusted that he is there for you to the best of his ability.

Remember to embody your self-sustained FULL RADIANT / LOVE / LIGHT and happiness.

Info from Alison Armstrong

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