Healing emotional reactivity

Your negative reaction/emotional response to a situation is never about the story or the person or any of the details involved. It is about the energy underneath that is trying to arise to get healed. If you pause for a moment and get present with the pain, you  have an opportunity to heal this trauma and break this pattern. You must take FULL responsibility for what you are feeling. No blaming of any kind. You just have to stop resisting and get present with the pain. This pain is most likely developed/rooted from when you were a child. Figure out what the pain is. Clearly identify it. “I feel abandoned. I feel unloved. I feel rejected. I feel…” Close your eyes. Ask it what it needs. Breathe into where you feel this in your body. Stay FULLY present with what you are feeling. Let it pass through you. Then you must give the pain what it needs… Understanding, acceptance, presence, forgiveness, Love.

What we resist, persists. Do this and watch your pain dissolve into nothing. You may cry, you may shake, you may have a very emotional experience. It will pass. If you stay present with what is there long enough, you will heal it. The way out is through!

The person or situation that you were upset about won’t bother you anymore and BOOM, you won’t attract this pattern because you healed the part of you that was wounded and believed you should be attracting it (unconsciously). If you take the time to be present with what you are feeling and give yourself what you need, you will heal yourself and stop attracting that same story.

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