Feel to Heal

I have experienced an immense amount of trauma in my life. From an alcoholic absent father, to substance abuse, sexual assault and lots of disfunction and chaos growing up Los Angeles just to name a few things.

I got into healing work because I wanted to help heal people. Ultimately I learned that it was me that needed the most healing. I didn’t realize how much trauma and how disconnected I was from my pain and emotions until I enrolled in the healing school I attended in 2008.

As I learned to connect with my patterns and pains, I also learned that the only way to transform them was to let myself feel. We have been taught the complete opposite. We have been taught to buy, escape, push down and numb by any means necessary. This is what keeps the pains and patterns locked inside. We will continue to repeat them until we face them and let the love within be the most present force that remains.

This is your invitation to heal that anxiety. Heal your pains, traumas and fears. I know how scary it is but I promise you from working with countless people and for myself on the other side is extraordinary freedom. The true you. The you that knows no limits. That truly understands your true worth and value and is committed to living your most inspired, passionate and FULLEST life.

I am here for coaching if you are called.

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