Feel That Emotion

Do you truly want to break your patterns? If you want to break that cycle of pain you continue to feel, you must to allow yourself to be with that which you are avoiding.

Most of us run when we are uncomfortable. No amount of numbing and checking-out can heal your wound.

The way out is through.

The magic recipe: If you get triggered by something and feel emotion/pain from it, go FULLY into it.

Allow yourself to feel the emotion that you don’t want to feel. Allow yourself to feel the pain that feels intolerable. Feel the discomfort. Be with it. Fully show up for it. When you allow yourself to be with the emotion/pain/energy, it will start to move. It will move and it will leave you. Your presence without judgement or resistance is what moves it through.

It may be one of the most difficult things you can do. Trust me. I understand. I have been doing this for many years and still find myself wanting to run when I get triggered. But EVERY time I fully show up, the pain clears out and I feel myself again. True freedom is fully showing up for yourself and giving yourself everything that you didn’t learn how to receive when you were younger.

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