Do you keep repeating patterns in your relationships?

Do you keep repeating patterns in your relationships? We all deserve the most meaningful, fulfilled, LOVING relationship and I am on a mission to help you diminish any of the 💩 in the way of that.

It all starts with YOU. You must first create that relationship with yourself. If you want the most incredible human being (everything on your list) to enter your force field, you must become that person! Are you living in a way and SHOWING UP in a way that would mirror that INCREDIBLE person!?

Ultimately everyone is a reflection of ourselves. Whatever is happening INSIDE of you will be reflected back to YOU.

That which you have not worked on...

That which you do not love about yourself...

The parts of yourself you judge, shame, deny or even hate...

This will all be fuel and mirrored back in some shape or form in your next or current intimate relationship.

I invite you to begin cleansing all the conditioning, b.s. limiting beliefs and subconscious pain.


I invite you to be SO F*CKING PROUD OF YOUR LIFE.

Accept the shadows, the imperfections, the flaws, all the 💩 you hide.

GET REAL and VULNERABLE. The DEEPER the relationship you have with yourself. The deeper your relationship will be with another.

The more you MEET yourself, SEE, be PRESENT with, FEEL, love and adore, the more another can do the same.

The more we can do this, the quicker we can clean out the people who are not meant for us! The WRONG person leaving is a HUGE blessing. As you show up and beam your beautiful, full authentic self, YOUR PEOPLE will stay and love you AS YOU ARE, imperfect and all…

If you are ready to dive deep and work on the stuff sabotaging your relationships, email me! 💌

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