Dear Sacred Masculine, It’s time.

Dear Sacred Masculine,

I know I am not alone when I ask from the deepest depths, the feminine is asking you to STEP UP. Find your WARRIOR. Find your undeniable PURPOSE. Find your ability to stand tall and mighty no matter what chaos you endure. Your impeccable leadership.

We crave to melt into your presence. To unravel our unfiltered hearts. To breathe you fully into our deepest pleasure. To devote the deepest depths of ourselves to the God that lives within you.

We want to give you our complete devotion, but you must cultivate a safe space for us to do this.

We need your straight spine, your deep POWERFUL breath. Your undivided attention to our subtle movements. Your persistence and consistency. Your willingness to persevere through ANY storms. Your TRUTH. Your INTEGRITY. Your direction.

The anger. The fear. The doubt. NEVER FEELING ENOUGH. It is when you embrace those shadows FULLY and create a new relationship with them and step INTO your KING… Your Queen will be there arms open ready to embrace you with every ounce of her light. She is your Oracle. The one who helps light the path to the Greatest version of yourself.

It’s time.

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