Transcending conflict in relationships

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

For the one who identifies more with feminine energy,

It is through your willingness to show your FULL VULNERABILITY of what you are feeling without BLAME or SHAME, that you invoke your partners ability to be present for ALL of you. They can’t SEE you or hold space for you if you don’t show them what you’re TRULY authentically feeling. Exaggerating the emotion will help. Get in your body. Breathe. Anger and frustration are secondary emotions. Tuning into the deep pain with your heart FULLY open is where you want to focus.

For the one who identifies with more masculine energy,

It is your willingness to stay FULLY PRESENT without fixing, shaming or escaping, that you can help your partner fully transcend their pain and help them go deeper than they can take themselves. I know you want to fix things. Doing nothing but complete presence will do this!

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