Create Your Dream Relationship

⚡️What do you want in terms of a perfect partner? I want to know. Write it down below 👇 This is how we create.

▪️How can you allow yourself to truly claim this!?

▪️How can you show up fully to embody what you are wanting!?

▪️How can you provide the highest value possible!?

▪️Who do you need to become to attract who you want!?

▪️How can you STOP settling for anything less?!

▪️How can you live in a way where you are so incredibly fulfilled no matter who is in your life it does not matter? How can you live in a way where you are completely in love with your life and yourself? These are the keys to attracting your dream partner.

Questions for women:

▪️How can you be in your purpose, heart, sensuality, authenticity and vulnerability?

▪️How can you let men lead more?

▪️How can you soften and surrender to their direction?

▪️How can you allow yourself to experience more pleasure? Especially around him.

▪️How can you beam your heart open?

▪️How can you stay true to your authentic feelings and needs and express them from your heart no matter what?

Questions for men:

▪️How can FULLY commit to your PURPOSE and DIRECTION?

▪️How can you be more present, stable and consistent?

▪️How can you allow yourself to be more confident taking direction for your person and in your relationship?

▪️How can you be more authentic, vulnerable and in your heart?

▪️How can you express what you are truly feeling and needing more?

▪️How can you continue to do what you say you will do and keep FULL INTEGRITY with your relationships?

💫If you would like to dive deeper and work on transforming your relationships send me an email 💌 🦋

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