Attracting Your Dream Partner

This pic was taken 3 years ago. We look pretty connected and in love, don’t we? In a sense we were. This is one of those relationships that literally looked like a dream. It actually was what was on my dream life / relationship list / vision board. It was everything I could ever ask for. Literally my dream life. We lived in a beautiful house in Santa Monica, we ran on the beach daily, we worked out daily, we meditated daily and did tantra. We had incredible chemistry. He cooked me healthy meals daily, he helped me heal things within myself I just simply could not do alone. He provided for me. We traveled the world had a freaking blast. He took amazing care of me. And I thank him for that. 

It started like the BIG BANG and crashed as intensely as it began. It crashed so hard and inspired so much pain and introspection that it literally blasted me to myself. Because you see, I was using this relationship as an external source for my happiness. While in one regard I manifested my dream life and gave me a glimpse into what was possible (I will manifest again!) it also triggered one of the most intense transformations I have ever experienced. And I thank him even more for this. 

Here is the deal. Until you can fall in love with you, I mean ALL of you, you are going to attract people that reflect all the parts of yourself you have rejected. 

Some questions to ponder -

Are you able to be alone? I mean really alone.

Are you in Love with your life?

Are you in Love with you?

Do you believe if you get into a relationship it will solve something? 

I invite you to take a deeper look at what is happening inside of you and remind you that if there is any part of you that needs something outside of yourself for happiness then you will 100% be lead to pain, suffering and disappointment. 

I invite you to Love being with YOU. I invite you to FALL in LOVE with YOURSELF. EVERY SINGLE PART. For when we do this, our counterpart will appear and reflect it back. We must become energetically what we want and see and FEEL no lack of it. This is how we create our dream Relationship.

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