A Meditation to Become Your Future / Highest-Self NOW 

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We manifest by becoming the vibrational frequency of what we want. Meditating on your future / highest-self will help you maintain your future energy with you throughout the day so you can attract it into the present. Over time this will become your natural state of being. When we do this consistently we begin to adapt these energies as our normal reality. This is how we magnetize a new reality to ourselves.

Meditation to Become Your Future / Highest-Self NOW 

Meditation directions:

Bring your attention in your heart. Really sink in. Breathe in this space and connect deeply. Begin visualizing your future/highest-self as if it already exists here and now. Vibrate this feeling into your heart. Once you really feel this intensely beam the energy out from your body and into the space around you. BEAM INTENSELY. Radiate the energy beyond your body. Be sure to stay DEEP in your heart and in the feelings/emotions of your future self. Stay in the place as long as you can. The longer the better!

At the end of the meditation feel your DEEP worth and VALUE in being able to receive this. DEEPLY trust the Universe will bring it to you.

Feel DEEP Gratitude and thank the Universe for giving this reality to you. 

You can also do this WALKING and throughout the day which will also change your life!

Do the same directions listed above as you walk!

The more you practice the more you will magnetize your future/highest-self to you now. 

If you did this all throughout the day everyday It would absolutely change your life! But remember, you must FEEL IT IN YOUR BODY!

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