The way out is through.

- Monica Loren

In each session, we will navigate together to let go of what doesn’t serve your life and unlock what will help you move into the direction of achieving your goals. My job is to assist you in reaching your full potential and find customized solutions for your problems. I will provide you with supportive structures to help you grow, evolve and succeed more easily. I will be your accountability partner. We will target the belief systems and stuck energy that is blocking you from moving forward and I will give you dedicated help in and out of the sessions. You will get tangible tools and structures to integrate and implement real growth, transformation and healing.

In each session you will learn to

Feel more connected to yourself and the Universe

Strengthen your emotional resilience

Experience a safe space to express yourself, feel, decompress and emote

Receive supportive structures to help you grow, evolve and succeed more easily

Get to the root of your re-occurring issues and problems

Reach goals faster

Heal relationships

Get tools for a happier life

Experience emotional ease and peace of mind

Get clarity

Reach your full potential

The foundation of each session is rooted in Energy Healing / Emotional Healing  and Trauma Release.

We tend to create blocks and imbalances when we don’t allow certain energy to flow through the body. Through deep listening, guided inquiry, and a subtle awareness of energy I will help you maneuver through the illusions of the mind, ego, and shadow self to uncover what is real. Facilitating the flow of energy allows the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The result ends in processing and releasing old wounds, traumas, beliefs, patterns and anything that may be locked in the subconscious mind and energy body.

Transformation Tools


Clearing Old Patterns and Belief Systems

Somatic Therapy





Please contact to set up a free 15 min consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Sessions are done via video calls - Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime.

I take in person sessions in my Venice, CA office by request only.

Email: info@monicaloren.com

Phone: 818.308.4851

  • Mind Body Healing / Coaching

    1 hr

  • Mind Body Healing / Coaching

    1 hr

    240 US dollars
  • Mind Body Healing / Coaching

    30 min

    55 US dollars
  • Xmas Discounted Session. Certificate will be emailed purchase.

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
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