I support self-responsible spiritual individuals, willing to do

the inner work to reconnect with their heart and transform their relationships

Do you feel stuck and disconnected? 

Do you want to heal your relationships?

Do you want to attract better relationships?

Do you Feel like you are repeating patterns?

Need a safe space to vent, feel and emote?

Need a healthy way to process your emotions?

 Need a safe space to heal pain and trauma?

Create healthy habits and boundaries?

Are you ready to live life passionately?

It all starts in the mind and body.

You have the power to change your life. 

Learn to feel CONNECTED to yourself 

Get to the root of your re-occurring issues and patterns

Transform relationships

Speak your truth fearlessly

  Experience emotional transformation 

  Connect to your highest potential and passions

  Clear blocks and imbalances in the body

Experience the life you have always imagined



“I run a public company and have large dreams and seemingly large headaches. Monica has transformed my own experience within the context of my business. My success and joy in what I do is much greater due to her guidance. She is wise beyond her years. Her abilities and skills transcend situations. I would recommend Monica to anyone wanting to unfold to their greater potential.”

-Chris R. 

I’ve worked with many healers and therapist but it’s rare to find one that can help you create real lasting change in your life. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, finding yourself repeating the same old addictive patterns in your life, or just wanting create more happiness and joy, I highly recommend working with Monica! She works with your mind and body to bring unconscious beliefs, pains, and traumas into awareness so they can be healed and released. It’s a truly profound experience to say the least! Thank you Monica!” –D.M.

"I worked with Monica for about 12 sessions and during those I was able unlock so much of the bad energy, and have gained so much vitality back into my life. We’d do visualization exercises to get me in touch with the parts of my body that were holding on to pain, and then body work, and the net effect over time was to just release all this gunk that was holding me back.

Monica is intuitive and gentle and has a great understanding of how the body holds on to pain, and how to access it. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” –Rory 

“This is my first time seeing a healer. I wanted to try it because I was dealing with a lot of negative energy that was keeping me from flourishing a healthy relationship because of a lot of things that have happened in the past.

I was nervous when I came in, but Monica immediately made me feel at ease. Once we began our session I became very relaxed and able to let out all of my emotions. Monica is really good about listening, and also helping you dig deep to the root of the problem. She allowed me to face a lot of painful memories and to let that negative energy go. After the first session, I could feel the difference in my body. I felt lighter, and freed from the negative energy I had.

She is also very accommodating when it comes to scheduling sessions and she takes her time, so if she thinks there is more ground to cover or more issues to be resolved she will take her time and not rush through the session. I used up my 3 sessions, but I plan on continuing to be a client with her. I believe she has a lot to offer and a lot I can learn about myself from her. I am very glad I found her!”  –Leah P. 

"Monica possesses all the qualities of a great healer: compassion, intuition, patience, wisdom, ability to help move you through challenging obstacles and so on. I’ve experienced a huge emotional release in session and through her guidance I continue to let go a little more every time.

Monica opened my eyes to the importance of being present with my feelings rather than running from them. Talking and feeling my way into my emotions brings forth the energy that wants to be released, which is where the body work really comes in profoundly.

I’m very thankful to have found Monica. I look forward to continuing my progress with her and invite you to do the same.” -K.C.

"Monica is an extremely gifted and intelligent healer who provides me with a comforting environment and sends me away with tools that empower me to live my life to the fullest. She has put me back on my path. Thanks to Monica, I am able to embrace fear and pain in my life and benefit from the lessons they provide. I am sorting my thoughts and feelings away from confusion. I am able to provide myself with clarity, confidence, freedom and joy. I am more grateful, forgiving and compassionate. I remember each week that I am filled with love, no matter what. I can get through tough times, no matter what. Thank you Monica!” –Vera

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