An Integrative approach to Mind Body Healing

Monica's article on relationships was recently featured on Yogi Times

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The truth is this work is all about YOU! Your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Through my own journey of healing and transformation I've explored many paths and found this fundamental relationship to be at the core of them all.

How do you relate to the world? What do you really believe about yourself and your reality and how is it affecting the way you live your life?

This is what my work is all about... helping you discover, release, and heal the conscious and unconscious patterns, beliefs, and traumas that keep you from experiencing the true fullness of who you really are. Not who you THINK you are or what your past experiences have lead you to believe about yourself, but who you actually are!

My experience with this work and the results I see everyday have helped me develop a deep trust in the process as well as a sensitivity for the unique needs of each individual.

If you'd like to find out more about what I do feel free to email me with any questions or go to the mind body healing page for a more detailed explanation of my work.

* Get to the root of your re-occurring issues and problems
* Clear blocks and imbalances in the body
* Experience emotional ease and peace of mind
* Strengthen your connection to yourself
* Connect to your highest potential and gifts

Specializing in:

Trauma Release
Chakra Balancing
Energy Clearing
Mind Body Counselling
Hands on Healing Touch Therapy

Offices located in Venice, Malibu and Valley Village, CA